Silicone Sponge Beauty Blender Applicator For Makeup

Silicone Sponge Beauty Blender

Wasting makeup is history now because, of course, Silicone Sponge doesn't soak up a thing! The amount of liquid or cream products needed is about half the amount compared to directly using brush or sponge such as Beauty Blend.

It's hygienic!

It is ideal for people who don't like messy fingers during makeup. AND I bet you can imagine cleaning this Silicone Sponge will literally take no more effort than rubbing it with a little soap and rinsing with some lukewarm water. If you are a professional makeup artist, can you imagine how exciting it is that you can use it on one client/model, clean it with a makeup remover and sanitizing spray, and then you can use it on another client/model immediately just like that? Throwing away disposable sponge can totally be minimized!!!!

  • Take the littlest amount of cream/liquid product and go in circular motions or back and forth to spread, until it stop spreading further.

  • Tap repeatedly to blend and settle, pay attention to edges (jawlines, hairlines, around the eyes. Hold the sides and fold to create a "point" for detail and point applications.

  • Repeat and build coverage as needed.

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For International Customers:  It ships from our International Warehouse within 24 hours. You will receive it within 2-5 weeks.

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